On Johannes Ciconia – List of Works

March 11, 2010

Okay, so I’ve drawn up a list of Ciconia’s work from LPs/CDs/YouTube and matched them this week with Margaret Bent’s edition of the complete works, mercifully located in the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Library thus saving me a trip to Canberra’s National Library, which is the only other copy in NSW that I know of. Concerned primarily with those works recorded with instrumental accompaniment, the list below is light-on when it comes to the religious/Mass movements and the oft-recorded “Gloria”.

Listed Number is from the Complete Works, edited by Margaret Bent. Pls ignore the recording durations. Pls note that Margaret Bent has commented on the veracity of particular works in her article in New Grove Online.


Gloria and Credo (listed as nos 1 and 2), SST voices all texted, 9.30mins.

Gloria and Credo (listed as nos. 3 and 4), SS voices texted and TT parts untexted, 8mins.

Gloria (listed as no.5 subtitlted Spiritus et alme), SS texted and T untexted, 4.30mins.

Et in terra pax “Regina gloriosa”Et in terra pax & Patrem omnipotentem

Albane, misse celitus, motet, a4 (SS voices texted and TT parts untexted), 3mins.

44. Aler m’en veus, virelai, a2, texted, French.

37. Amor perti, ballata, a1, texted, incomplete.

35. Ben che da vui donna, ballata, a1, texted, incomplete.

25. Cacando un giorno, madrigal, a2, texted, Italian.

32. Che nel servir antico, ballata, a3, top two lines texted, Italian.

38. Chi vole amar, a2, ballata piccola, texted. Opus dubium.

29. Con lagreme bagnandome nel viso, ballata, a2, texted. See Appendix 1, five keyboard versions.

42. Deduto sey, ballata grande, ballata, a3, texted, all in bass clef, Italian. Opus dubium. See Appendix 2, keyboard versions.

Doctorem principem/Melodia suavissima/Vir mitis, motet. SS voices texted and TT parts untexted, 2.30mins

30. Dolce fortuna, ballata, a2, texted.

43. Gli atti col dancar frances, ballata, a3, top line only texted. Opus dubium.

26. I cani sono fuora, madrgial, a2, texted, Italian.

36. Io crido amor, ballata, a1, texted, incomplete. Opus dubium. 

31. La Fiamma del to amor, ballata, a2, texted (Lucca f.54v).

47. Le Ray au soley! canon, a3, two lines texted, Perugia, f.83

33. Lizadra donna, ballata, a3, top two lines texted, Italian. 2 Versions. 

39. Merce o morte, ballata, a2, texted. Opus dubium. 2 Versions.

40. Non credo, a2, ballata, texted. Opus dubium.

22. O beatum incendium, motet/Latin contrafactum.

O donna crudele, Italian

12. O felix templum jubila, non-isorhythmic motet. SA voices texted and TT parts untexted, 3.30mins.

13. O Padua sidus praeclarum, non-isorhythmic motet. SA voices texted and T part untexted, 3mins. 

23. O Petre Christi discipule, motet/madrigal Latin contrafactum.

34. O rosa bella, ballata, a3, top abd bottom line texted, Italian.

15. O virum omnimoda, non-isorhythmic motet

27. Per quella strada lactea, madrigal, a2, texted, Italian

Petrum Marcello Venetum, motet

41. Poy che morir, ballata, a2, texted, Italian. Opus dubium.

46. Quod jactatur, canon, a3, all texted, French.

24. Regina gloriosa, motet/Latin contrafactum. Opus dubium.

45. Sus une fontayne, virelai, a3, two lines texted, French (Mod.f.27v-28)

28. Una panthera, madrigal, a3, texted, Italian.

Ut te per omnes/Ingens alumnus Padue, motet. SS voices texted and TT parts untexted, 2.30mins. 

14. Venecie mundi splendor/Michael qui Stena domus/Italia mundicie, non-isorhythmic motet, a3. SAT voices, all texted, 5mins.




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