Vielle music on YouTube

February 20, 2010










There’s a quantity of YouTube videos devoted to vielle a roue (hurdy-gurdy), but so many by comparison with the vielle/Fiedel/Fidula/medieval fiddle/fistula. What follows, in no particular order, are either videoclips of vielle or vielle music played on other instruments.

TOP 20 ‘Vielle’ VIDEOCLIPS ON YouTube

1. Musica Antigua Res Facta interpreta tres Ductias Medievales. Trios comprising two recorders and Fidula/viela and rebec/rabel, all played gamba way. Pieces not identified.

2. Medieval Fiddle (Vielle) Music. Barry Hall, shoulder hold and a viol bow. Pieces not identified; extensive use of drones (and tambourine attached to ankle). (see also

3. Galician medieval music & instruments. Still images of modern instruments made in Lugo (Galicia), based on C13 church sculptures at Compostela, specifically the Sinodal Hall in the Palace Gelmirez. Include Fidulas entalahadas, viola oval as well as psalteries, harps and organistrum. See also GMM&M II, which includes fidulas ovalis, lute, etc. Soundtrack by Ensemble Alcatraz.

4. Istanpitta wraps up their 2007 season. Heather Gilmer on vielle (shoulder). 2007 Texas Renaissance Festival.

5. Trying medieval string instruments – Rachel Barton Pine. Jamming between RBP and David Douglass of King’s Noyse and Newberry Consort fame. All shoulder-held.

6. Medieval Danse Royale. Solo, guitarra latina c1260.

7. Istampitta tre fontane. Medieval lute.

8. Istanpitta Ghaetta. Slower-than-usual tempo; hurdy gurdy.

9. Istanpitta. 2008 Acadiana Medieval Faire, played on bagpipes, drum, shawm and violin.

10. Lamento di tristano & la Rotta 14th century Italian manuscript. Ernst Stolz on two C16 viols.

11. Estampie. Renaissance Players, ensemble with drums, organetto, bass recorder, etc.

12. La Quinte Estampie Real – oud. Oud solo.

13. La Septime Estampie Real. Ensemble, recorders with shoulder-held vielle.

14. La Septime Estampie Real. Mandolin solo.

15. La Nova estampida real – Estampie medievale. Ensemble Millenarium against still images of manuscripts.

16. A Medieval Musical Odyssey… Solo lyre version of La Quinte Estampie Real.

17. Hoquetus I-VII from Bamberg Codex (Bamberg, Staatsbibliothek, Lit.115). No. 4 In seculum viellatoris (2 fiddles, rebec, harp).

18. Trotto. Solo descant recorder.

19. Nomen Est Omen – Stantipes. Drum, bassoon, gitar, violin, recorder.


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