More tab from Manchester Gamba Book, lyra viol music

January 23, 2010

Came across a reference today to Simon Ives, La Cloche, as recorded by Ghielmi. It’s in both the Manchester Gamba Book and in Martha Bishop’s, Tablature for One (p.131). Turns out it’s in harpe-sette-sharpe which is strings tuned to G and D.

I notice that YouTube performances of lyra pieces on viol often used a seven-string instrument to create the additional resonance and body in the chords.

Check out YouTube for the very bouncy Duke of Holstones Almayne by Hume, from his Musical Humors (viol-way tuning).

Simon Ives, La Cloche. Two eight-bar sections in triple meter. No chords and only a few double-stops, with lovely bell-like descending note.

Thomas Bates, Sarabande. Two eight-bar sections in triple meter, not dissimilar to Wm Kinglake’s A Sarabande with its wide leaps and string-crossing.

Mr Thom Martine, A Thumpe (Manchester III-12, p.43); lyra-way tuning. Less success with this one!

Willis, Corant. Less success with this one too.


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