The baryton – Haydn Baryton trios, Esterhazy Baryton Trio

November 17, 2009

Joseph Haydn, Baryton Trios. Esterhazy Baryton Trio. CD, Hayes, M’sex: EMI, CDM 7698362.

Riki Gerardy, baryton; Roger Chase, viola; Jonathan Williams, ‘cello are the performers here of middle trios (nos. 63 and 64), late trios (nos. 82, 87, 88) and very late trios (nos. 107, 110). With nearly all the movements at around the three-minute mark each, the EBT has managed to fit seven Haydn trios on to a CD, totally nearly 61mins.

No.64 gets off a cracking pace, complete with use of sympathetic strings. No.87 in Amin starts off with an opening Adagio (as do many others presented here) and I think I’m becoming a real sucker for how Haydn constructs these haunting, achingly beautiful melody lines in the minor key. This is followed by a sensational Allegro di molto and a final delightful Menuet e trio, both of which could have well come from one of his symphonies such is the feverish angularity of the writing.


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