The baryton – Haydn Baryton Trios, Geringas Baryton Trio

November 15, 2009


Joseph Haydn: Baryton Trios. Geringas Baryton Trio. CD, CPO 999094-2, Germany, 1990.

Superb recording! Starts with no.5 in A, with its initial movement taken from Gluck’s Eurydice, to give us an idea of the initial works Haydn composed for the instrument, then takes us the very much later works with nos. 96, 97 and 113. Wonderful attention to detail in melodic phrases, cadences and ornamentation; engaging, full-bodied sound too.

At 53mins, it’s a tad on the short side, but it would have been difficult to tack on an extra one, especially from the later works – no.113 is doduble the length of no.5, for example. More than made up for by the sophistication and uncluttered, full sound. Since the instrumentation is baryton, viola and ‘cello, it forms a good ‘foundation’ on which to judge others who may have recorded it with different instrumentation. The final work includes the plucked strings; I find the haunting first movement of the Bmin (no.96) as good as any string chamber music I’ve heard from this period.


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