The baryton (Part 6)

October 26, 2009

Yesterday’s online discoveries include, arising from a Google search of <Fiala>:

* exquisite barytons, both baroque and classical, made by UK-luthier, Owen Morse-Brown;

* existence of gamba compositions by Fiala, including a concertino for vdg/vln/vlc (WV11.02) – Adagio-Allegro-Andante with two variations-Rondo (Presto/Allero)-Trio. Edited by C. Reinlander, after DSW1;

* publication of the Haydn baryton trios b y Muzeikhandel Saul B. Groen, Amsterdam;

* the existence of an article by John Rutledge, “Towards a history of the viol in the 19th century”, in Early Music 1984 (12(3): 328-336;

* a monograph by Australian research, Michael O’Loghlin, Frederick the Greast and His Musicians: the viola da gamba music of the Berlin School. London: Ashgate, 2008.


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