The baryton (Part 3)

October 21, 2009

Noted over the last two days… in and around end-of-year university essay-writing:

* MIDI files of nos.1-14 at by Marco Melanson;

* Two recordings – Haydn Baryton Trios (#45,97,109,113), Hungariton Classic HCD31174 (; Haydn Baryton Trio (Hsu, Miller and O’Sullivan) #50,52,57,59,67,107, Dorian DOR-90233.

* A Top 11 pieces of academic research, in alphabetical order:

Fruchtman, The Baryton: its History and its Music Re-examined. Acta musicologica 34/1-2, Jan-Jun 1962: 2-17

Gartrell, Carol A. Towards an Inventory of Antique Barytons. Galpin Society Journal 56/June 2003: 116-131.

Gartrell, Carol A. The Origins and Development of the Baryton, Chelys 11 (1982): 4.

Pamplin, Terence M. The Influence of the Bandora on the Origin of the Baroque Baryton. Galpin Society Journal 53 Apr 2000: 221-232.

Webster, James  The Bass Part in Haydn’s Early String Quartets. MQ 1977 63/3: 390-424.

Winkler, Gerhard J. Joseph Haydn’s “Experimental Studio” in Esterhaza. MQ 1996 80/2: 341-347.

Wollenberg, Susan  Haydn’s Baryton Trios and the ‘Gradus’. Music and Letters 1973, 54(2): 170-178.

Sadie, Stanley  18th-Century String Music. Musical Times 108/1492 Jun 1967: 541.

Sisman, Elaine R. Tradition and Transformation in the Alternating Variations of Haydn and Beethoven. Acta musicologica 62/2-3 May-Dec 1990: 152-182.

Strunk, W. Oliver  Haydn’s Divertimenti for Baryton, Viola, and Bass after Manuscripts in the Library of Congress. MQ 1932/18(2): 216-251.


Hope to pursue these over time, but in the meantime the first page of the Pamplin journal article confirms what I’ve noted from the music downloads: the baryton is surprisingly the top voice above the viola (even above the violin in Tomasini trios) and that the manual of plucked strings is only played in 76 of over 200 trios (not used by Tomasini at all). The lower manual is tuned to the tessitura of the upper 3 of the upper manual bass viol strings and not the lower three – hence the curiosity of a bass-tessitura instrument playing above the violin/viola!


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