Viol Consorts, a4 and a5

August 12, 2009

A thoroughly delightful session, as Treble 2, over three hours.

* Rosenmuller, Student Music. Short dances for trtrTTB. Good warm-up music!

* John Jenkins, Fantasy a5 no.12 (trtrTTB). We took this nice and slow; a lot of work for everybody; typically Jenkins in the delightful rhythmic variation.

* John Jenkins, Fantasy a5 no.13 (trtrTTB). A lot of work for the bass, whereas tr2 seems to have been given a holiday, with little more than filler work. Most of my work involved listening to Tr1 and Tenor 1 and supplementing them with harmonic support, making sure I didn’t get in their way, especially in the latter half and last third of the piece.

* John Jenkins, Pavans and other dances (trtrTB). I think from VdGS Supp Pubs 1670? Extremely beautiful; inventive writing.

I’m very much playing as-is; not getting neurotic about wrong notes, viewing music as an ephemeral experience, rather than a reflection of my searching for an aesthetic ideal. This certain level of playing “in-the-moment” allows me to listen a lot more to the quality of the sound I’m making, ensuring a constant good balance with Treble 1, producing as ‘vocal’ a sound as possible. It also has the happy consequence of watching the fingerboard a lot less. It’s very much like joining in a conversation with good intentions and as much consideration as possible, but ultimately knowing you may say the wrong word or give the wrong impression at certain times, but it’s not the end of the world. I used to have wait ages between nano-seconds of musical enjoyment; now those precious moments seem to happen a lot more closer together, a lot more frequently – amd I ‘m ‘trying’ a lot less!


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