Consorts a6

July 30, 2009

An extremely enjoyable session this past weekend involving a consort of six players. I am probably at the weaker end of the spectrum technically compared to the rest, but I didn’t let my exasperation get the better of me, given that it was sight-reading for all of us. It was successful because regardless of faltering over quaver runs in the middle sections of fantasias, we started together and finished together. As a group, we were sufficiently confident and able not to break down irreparably.

We started with some very accessible pieces:

Alfonso Lobo, Versa est luctum. Performed at the public funeral of Spain’s Philip II.

Palestrina, Missa Papae Marcelli.

Moving things up a notch to include before a break for tea-and-cake:

Bach, J.S. Aus tiefer Not. Playing from the recorder arrangement of the organ piece, as per Walter Icking Archive.

Ferrabosco, In nomine Fantasy a6. Where the theme gets passed around, to keep us all busy.

And then the Big Guns:

Jenkins, Pavin no.2 a6

Jenkins, Fantasy no.5 a6

Lawes, Sett in C: Fantazy 2nd movement.

The last of course is the most esoteric, but having been familiar with it from recordings, I was overjoyed with the effort. I thought it might suffer terribly from being played extremely slowly, but not at all!


2 Responses to “Consorts a6”

  1. Allen Says:

    On this very same day on the other side of the world, we played the Jenkins Fantasia 5, and a number of other a6 Jenkins fantasias, in a Jenkins orchestra led by Martha Bishop. One to a part is of course more satisfying, but there’s something really special about playing in an orchestra with almost 50 other viols. I had wanted to play more than one size, but ended up stuck on treble 2 for the whole as there wasn’t room to maneuver to my other case.

  2. rodbyatt Says:

    For someone who dashed off music like a cabinet maker churns out chairs, Mr Jenkins would be fascinated I’m sure to see how his music lives on around the globe. I have great memories of such an orchestral play-in of Jenkins (and possibly Lawes on another night) at a VdgSA Conclave, probably also led by Martha. I say bring back the gamba orchestra!

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