John Jenkins – Rose Consort anthology CD

July 19, 2009

Jenkins: All in a Garden Green. Rose Consort of Viols. Naxos, Early Music ser. 8550687, 1993.

This budget recording doesn’t make immediately clear the forces required in each of the eighteen pieces, so I thought I’d elaborate for myself. It’s very much a survey album, since the composer’s life spanned Byrd to Purcell. Useful essay by Andrew Ashbee as liner notes. I’m trying to link up recordings of Jenkins’ consorts with the scores/parts available from the Viola da Gamba Society of America website.

Track 1. Pavan in F Major. Consort a6.

Track 2. Fantasia in C Minor. Consort a4, Fantasia no.7

Track 3. Divisions for two basses in C Major.

Track 4. Fantasia in C Minor.

Track 5. Fantasia in F major, All in a Garden Green. Fantasia no.6

Tracks 6-7. Newarke Seidge.

Tracks 8,9, 10. Four-party Are in D Minor: Ayre, Almaine, Coranto.

Tracks 11-13. Fantasia-suite in A Minor: Fantasia, Air, Corant. For treble, bass and organ.

Track 14. Fantasia in C Minor. Fantasia a5, ? no.9

Track 15. Fantasia in D Major. Fantasia a5, ? no.16

Track 16. Fantasia in E Minor. ?Fantasia no.8

Track 17. Four-part ayre in G Minor. Two trebles and two basses?

Track 18. In Nomine in G Minor. Consort a6.


One Response to “John Jenkins – Rose Consort anthology CD”

  1. alarob Says:

    I’ve had my eye on that recording for some time, and appreciate your notes. You mention the span of Jenkins’s life; it has been interesting to me to reflect on the range of historical changes he lived through, including the civil wars, Commonwealth, and restoration of monarchy. Don’t suppose there’s enough material about him for a book.

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