Voices & viols – autumn session

July 5, 2009

For the sake of completeness, I mention the playlist of the voices (sopranos, mezzos and tenors) and viols – trTTTTBB (with theorbo, recorder, etc.) of a previous session, some months ago during Autumn:

* Juan Cornago, Ayo visto il mappa mundo. Part of a focus on the Baroque in South America. The last 40 or so bars.

* Thomas Ravenscroft, Ah, helpless wretch. An English verse anthem form with text based on Savonarola.

* Hans Leo Hassler, Angelus Domini descendit. Two-choir piece.

* Luza Marenzio, Quand’io miro le rose. One of those short five-part songs which comes in handy when interpolated among longer vocal works.

* Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Les Neufs Lecons de Tenebre: Premiere Lecon du Vendredi Saint, for dessus de viole, soprano and basse continue. Today played on baroque violin and treble viol, with soprano and bass viol/theorbo continuo.





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