Viola da Gamba – Jakob Richmann composer

May 23, 2009

Jakob Richmann (c.1685-1718) Six Sonatas vol.1 for viola da gamba and basso continuo. Dove House Editions, Canada. Ed. Karl Heinz Pauls. Viola da gamba series no.55

Jacob Richmann (ca.1680-1726), Sechs Sonaten fur Viola da gamba und Basso continuo op.1. Sabina Lehrmann, vdg. Cavalli Records CCD 277.

Summarising edition notes by Pauls, translated by Donald Beecher, we have here two virtuoso suites for 6-string bass and organ continuo realised by Pauls, published by Roger in Amsterdam c1710. The six-sring bass ( in contrast to the seven-string well established by this time in France) is consistent with the gamba as we know it in Germany at this time. The strictness of the suite structure is somewhat conservative for this time however. The organ continuo is somewhat at odds with what we might expect, especially if the continuo part is going to try and stay below the solo part. Great to see our knowledge of the German repertoire of this time blossoming in and around the staples of the Bach and Telemann gamba sonatas with the publication of works like these. Okay, so really technically difficult…

Op.1 no.1-6 are recorded with basso continuo made up of violone, chitarrone, organ and harpsichord


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