French baroque Viola da Gamba and Violoncello

May 16, 2009

SUONARE and guest director Tim Blomfield are presenting an all French program Barriere and the French Cello Sonata” for two and three celli with continuo. Performers are Tim Blomfield, Clara Blazer and Karella Mitchell- baroque celli and Chris Berensen- harpsichord. Date: Sunday May 17th, 3pm. Venue: St Stephen’s Church, 189 Church St., Newtown. The program includes works by Barriere (1707-1747), Berteau, Boismortier and Corrette. Two of the six sonatas on the program are for three celli. These sonatas ‘a tre’ by Barriere and Berteau are rarely performed. SUONARE is very excited with the prospect of performing these neglected gems of the cello repertoire.

Serendipitously, Pei Jee Ng and Pei Sian Ng play Barriere’s Sonata no.10 in G at the 1901 Arts, Club London on Monday 18 May 09.


Jean Barriere: Livres 1-4 de sonates pour violoncelle et basse continue (1733, 1735, 1739, 1740); Livre 5 de sonates pour pardessus de viole avec Basse Continue; Livre 6 Sonates et pieces de clavecin.

In addition to the Cocset recording mentioned previously, I note a Solstice label recording of 7 Sonatas for Cello, viz. Excerpts from Book 1, no.5 in F; Book 2 no. 2 in F#min and no.4 in E; Book 3 no.2 in Dmin for 2 celli and no.4 in Bflat; Book 4 no. 4 in G and no.6 in C. (Antoine Ladrette and David Simpson, cello).


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