CD: The Marais Project: Viol Dreaming

April 23, 2009

The Marais Project, Viol Dreaming: music for viola da gambas and voice by Marais, Monteclair, Hunt & Perry. The Marais Project 2007, directed by Jennifer Eriksson.

1. Je ne suis pas si sot, Jacques Arcadelt.

2. Ma belle si ton ame. Anon. I mentioned recently La Jeune Fillette being such a short little gem and how I should revisit the DuCaurroy fantasia and the Savall treatment in Tous les matins du monde. Well, the melody in this 1603 song is remarkably similar so is worth investigating for the bass line and harmonies.

3. Suite in G a trois violes from Book 4 1717.  Wonderful treatment, especially with just the theorbo as basso continuo; seven movements; 14.25 duration and not previously recorded to my knowledge. The Musette-Double-Menuet Musette really convey the feel fo the Gout Etranger.

4. To the Holy Spirit, Kevin Hunt (1961-    ). World premiere recording.

5. Marin Marais, Pieces de viole from Book 5, a suite in G

6. Nocturnal by Matthew Perry (1959-    ). World premiere recording.

7. Le Retour de la Paix (Book 1, 1709), Michel Pignolet de Monteclair. Cantata for soprano, two violins and continuo, transcribed for two bass viols by Jennifer Eriksson. Coincides with my recent mention of the late 17thc practice of rewriting works for two violins for two bass viols, my favourite example of which is the ravishing Purcell Chaconne ‘two in one upon a ground’ from Dioclesian, arranged by John Withy in 1691.

Belinda Montgomery, soprano; Daniel Yeadon, bass viol; Jennifer Eriksson, bass and treble viols; Catherine Tabrett, bass viol; Tommie Andersson, theorbo/baroque guitar/chitarrino.


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