Viola da Gamba – today’s sight-reading…

April 22, 2009

Very rushed, plucked/bowed on the small bass and will upgrade to the B7 tomorrow. Considerable work still to be done on fingering and bowing, but…:

Ward, Air no.6 in d for 2 bass viol

Withy, Air no.1 for 2 bass viol

Anon. La Jeune Fillette for 2 bass viols – need to review the Du Caurroy fantasia to develop some variations – it’s all over in a flash!

Daniel Demoivre (1704), Suite in e for bass recorder: Allemande. Rewritten for bass viol – busy Italiante feel in the unusual key for viols, E minor.

Marin Marais, Book IV, Idee grotesque (42) – one of Marais Top 10 (see below)

Roland Marais, Book 2, 1738 – Rondeau Le Barrengue – There’s something quite bizarre about Roland’s feel for melody and there’s something iconoclastic about his sense of rhythm.  It’s Marais snr “dislocated” and I like it!

Marin Marais, Book IV, La Biscayenneanother of my Marais Top 10, inspired by the Charivari Agreable recording…

Marin Marais, Book V, Menuets 99 and 100still more of my Marais Top 10, inspired by the exceptional playing of Jordi Savall. Sure, they’re over in a flash but

Naudot, Sonata en trio in d, op.2 no.6 – 3rd movt, Lentement. Seems to want to go faster than a slow movement; some chromaticism in the bass line which I guess must give the whole thing some spark.


My Marais Top 10

As an amateur (even one with a French 7-string basse de viole), it’s completely prententious of me to think I can Play Marais. But among the Top 10 Marais which I hope to play properly one day (and thrash about with in the meantime), see the following (in no particular order): La Biscayenne, Rondeau Le Bijou, Book 4 – Idee Grotesque, Menuets 99 and 100 in Book 5. I rely heavily on recordings to ‘make sense’ of the ensemble feel – one’s aware of the contribution a b.c. viol and theorbo chugging along in the bass would make especially when playing the longer notes across barlines…


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