CD: Jean Barriere – Sonates pour le violoncelle avec la basse continue

April 21, 2009

Jean Barriere: Sonates pour le violoncelle avec la basse continue. Bruno Cocset, Les Basses reunies. Alpha 015.

I agree with Erik Kocevar in his liner notes that the Larghetto from Book II Sonata VI is the most beautiful of the slow movements on the CD. I like to think the ‘cello is imitating a gamba in this lament.

Of particular interest to gamba players is the Sonata II a re in Dminor from Livre III in which Cocset’s tenor de violoncelle (5-string basse de violon) is joined by a basse de viole in this trio sonata. I never tire of listening to this sonate.The continuo is made up of an organ, theorbo and violone.

The liner notes mention Vivaldi in France of this time, which sheds light on Ernst Stolz’s recording on his website of the ‘cello sonata RV 43, played on gamba.

No score is available that I know of. The liner notes give not a hint of where the original scores might be located. One of his sonatas has been published for ‘cello and double bass.


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