CD: Viola da gamba consort – Kikuko Masumoto, Rustles in the Ancient Court

April 19, 2009

Masumoto Kikuko, Various Variety of Tones. Fontec FOCD 2550. Contempoorary composers from Japan ser. –

Great atmospherics, delicate velvety darkness, with pizzicato and gentle slides – 7mins 51 secs. TrTBB configuration.

The composer’s liner notes indicate that it’s built around a traditional gagaku piece, Hyojo no Choshi, which is a kind of canon played as a prelude before a gagaku musical or dance piece begins. This particular style of gagku is called omeribuki. Commissioned and premiered by Yukimi Kambe in 1994 with her group, with repeat performances in and outside Japan. Her first piece for gamba(s). Live recording from the ‘Contemporary Viol Consort Music X’ concert in Tokyo in 1995.

One of five pieces on the CD , all scored for different instruments. No score available that I’m aware of.



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